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Dwarven Steel (Yearless Brown)

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This is a Dwarven Steel (Trade Good).

The token text is: Trade Item

. This token is classified as Trade 1 and Trade Good.

This token can be used by any character class.

This token can be used to create the following Combo/Relic/Legendary token(s): +1 Keen Hand Axe, +1 Morningstar of Smiting, +2 Keen Slayer Bow, +3 Ammo of Alteration, +3 Baton of Focus, +3 Deathcleaver, +3 Holy Avenger, +3 Mithral Bracers, +3 Rod of Niltongue, +3 Slayer Sword, +3 Staff of Focus, +3 Throwing Hammer of Smiting, +3 Viper Strike Fang, Amulet of Noble Might, Aron's Sunhide Robe, Ashenne's Arch-Mage Medallion, Asher's +5 Viper Strike Fang, Ava's +5 Holy Avenger, Averon's +5 Deathcleaver, Benrow's Elder Drake Necklace, Blessed Redoubt Helm, Blessed Redoubt Mail, Blessed Redoubt Plate, Blessed Redoubt Shield, Bog's Medallion of Berserking, Boots of the Four Winds, Byr's Anointed Redoubt Plate, Charm of Avarice, Charm of Awakened Synergy, Charm of Heroism, Charm of Timely Aid, Charm of Treasure Boosting, Drake's +5 Staff of Focus, Drue's +5 Baton of Focus, Druegar's Sacred Necklace, Giln's Redoubt Shield, Girdle of Frost Giant Strength, Icecrag Hero's Earcuff, Iktomi's Shaper Necklace, Io's +4 Ultra Keen Slayer Bow, Ioun Stone Elfstone Shard, Khing's Ring of Supreme Evasion, Kilt of Dungeonbane, Lute of Free Fury, Mage Medallion, Master Ale Drinker's Bead, Master Drinker's Gloves, Medallion of Furious Attack, Necklace of the Sneak, Necklace of the Spirit Drake, Orb of Pelor, Orion's Belt, Pendant of the Yew, Pern's Redoubt Helm, Pharacus' Greater Cloak of Destiny, Ralson's Pendant of the Elder Yew, Raphiel's Sneaky Necklace, Relsa's Ring of Supreme Focus, Ring of Greater Focus, Ring of Heroism, Ring of Improved Evasion, Ring of Protection +4, Rod of Seven Parts, Rolland's Ring of Protection +6, Sacred Necklace, Shaman's Greater Necklace, Sill's Anointed Redoubt Mail, Skull of Cavadar, Starhide Robe, Supreme Ring of Elemental Command, Surtr's Girdle of Fire Giant Strength, TaMor's +4 Mithral Bracers, Thor's +5 Returning Hammer of Smiting, Viv's Amulet of Noble Might, Welfor's +5 Slayer Sword and Widseth's Legendary Lute.

This token was crafted by exchanging several other tokens in exchange for this one. The precise recipe can be found in the TokenDB linked below.

Information about this token is based on information in the official True Dungeon TokenDB (click here to find out more about this token).

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