Customer Rewards

Here at TD Tavern we appreciate our loyal customers and want to create a program that rewards loyalty. Our rewards system is unique; you don't just earn one-time discounts, rather as you spend money with us you earn permanent discounts on all future purchases. You don't need to do anything to receive these discounts other than making sure you are logged in to your account for every purchase. 

Once you create and log in to your account and place your first order, you will:

  • Automatically earn a 5% discount on all purchases (discount increases to as high as 11% based on rewards points earned) Note that this replaces the previous discount offered by coupon codes.
  • Automatically see prices that reflect your discount
  • Rewards points and discounts are currently limited to orders placed through We hope to extend the functionality to in-person transactions in the future.

To start earning just be sure to create an account, login with Facebook, or login with Google when placing your orders. Once you have placed an order you can see your current XP and reward tier by going to My Account at the top of the page and then selecting Customer Rewards.

Here are the ways you can earn rewards points:

  • Automatically earn 10 rewards points for each dollar spent (be sure to log in to your account when placing orders).
  • Automatically earn 1000 points when you enter your True Dungeon forum name in your profile (automatically applied within 24 hours).
  • Automatically earn 1 point for every dollar spent by somebody who creates an account with your referral URL. This includes their first purchase as well as all future purchases. You can find your referral URL on your account page (these points are applied automatically within 24 hours).

If you have placed orders in the past but did not have an account (or forgot to log in when placing those orders), please create an account now and contact us and we can award you your points.

  • Please include the email address for your account
  • Please include the email address for your past orders (if different), or even better the order numbers
  • This does not apply to transactions made outside of or transactions made before 2016.

PS - the rewards system has been upgraded to automatically apply your 5-11% discount, meaning you no longer need to enter the old TDFAN or TDFORUM coupon codes. Those coupon codes are no longer valid.