Sell / Trade

You'll notice we have an extensive selection of True Dungeon tokens most of which we purchase directly from True Adventures to help support the game (obviously we are huge fans frequently play and volunteer). But we also love to buy unwanted tokens from other players and trade tokens you don't want for tokens you do want.

If you have tokens you'd like to sell or trade please contact us using the Contact Us page or you can email us directly at Please include a list or picture of your tokens in your message for a quick, no-hassle price. We are an especially good option if you want to sell a large lot of tokens with minimal effort.

If you want to sell tokens individually we also offer the ability for our customers to sell their tokens on our site through our consignment system. The good news with our consignment system is you don't have to do any work finding the buyer, negotiating with them, or receiving payment. We handle all of that for you, and we also open up your tokens to a much broader audience.

Please see this page to learn more about our Consignment Program.