True Dungeon Tokens @ Origins

Origins is quickly becoming the largest True Dungeon event of the year, with more space for more dungeons and lots of tickets available for you to enjoy the game.

Origins 2018 will take place June 13 through 17th in Columbus, OH. There will be both Puzzle and Combat versions of the The Moongate Maze and Dancing Among Stones (the last time these Kingkiller Chronicle-based adventures will be presented). There will also be Astral Journey to the Bliss as a bonus dungeon, as well as special events for token collectors. More information can be found at

For first-time players we do offer pre-built characters that will make your first experience a bit less stressful and more fun.

As always, TD Tavern will be at Origins to offer free on-site delivery of orders and to do True Dungeon token trades in person.