True Dungeon Tokens @ GenCon

GenCon remains both the largest and best True Dungeon event of the year, where as usual we will get two see two brand new dungeons for the first time, in both puzzle and combat variants. 

GenCon 2018 will take place August 2nd through 5th in Indianapolis, IN. There will be both Puzzle and Combat versions of the brand new Odin's Haven and Vault of the All-Father. Even though there are more than 8,000 tickets for True Dungeon runs each year, they sell out fast so be sure to put them on your wishlist and submit it right when event regsitration opens. More information can be found at

For first-time players we do offer pre-built characters that will make your first experience a bit less stressful and more fun.

As always, TD Tavern will be at GenCon to offer free on-site delivery of orders and to do True Dungeon token trades in person. We will be especially active on Wed, Aug 1st at the usual token-trading event.