About Us

TD Tavern was started by Kirk Bauer in 2014 which is right about the time he got the token-collecting bug that afflicts so many other players. Kirk first played True Dungeon in 2012 and has always been a big fan although it did take a few years before he dove into the token side of things.

Today we have the largest collection of True Dungeon tokens available for sale and are constantly adding new tokens to our inventory. Most of our inventory comes directly from True Dungeon through the same random token packs you can purchase direclty although we also purchase and trade significant amounts of tokens from other players. Token collectors play a huge part in the funding and continuing success of the incredible True Dungeon event and we believe our presence contributes to the future of the game as well as provides a level of convenience and professionalism to the players that you can't find through other purchasing options.

TD Tavern is not officially affiliated with True Adventures, LTD. True Dungeon and all token images are copyrighted by True Adventures, LTD. We are, however, huge fans of the game and the vast majority of the revenue from our token sales goes directly back to True Adventures to help continue the growth of this great adventure.