What is Consignment? In short, you use our web interface to specify the tokens you want to sell and the prices you are willing to accept for them. Our pricing algorithm adds your tokens to our product pages, either as the only option, or as an alternative to the tokens sold directly by TD Tavern. We handle making the sale for you (finding the buyer and collecting the payment), all you need to do is ship the token and provide the tracking number within 3 business days.


  • Easier to manage than a forum post and easier to list than an eBay auction
  • Reach a broader audience; we have lots of customers not on the forums and we invest in Google AdWords
  • No need to communicate with the buyer or deal with collecting payment
  • Our commission (10%) is less than eBay plus PayPal fees (about 13%)
  • Vacation mode allows you to quickly remove your items from the system when you can't ship

Note that if you want to sell tokens with even less hassle, we are always open to offering cash (PayPal) or trade value for your unwanted tokens. Simply Contact Us or Email Us with a list or picture of your tokens for a quick, no-hassle price.

How it works:

  1. Create or log in to your TD Tavern account, go to My Account at the top of the page
  2. Go to the Consignment section where you agree to our consignment agreement and then can view and add your consignment items
  3. To add a token, choose the token (auto-complete if we already have a page for it, or enter the URL from, quantity, year, color, low price, and high price. That's it!
  4. Every hour our algorithm will review all consignment options and update our product pages as necessary (more details on this below)
  5. When a customer purchases your token, you will receive an automated email letting you know where to ship the token. You must ship via USPS and provide the tracking number within 3 business days. Note:
    if the buyer is international you will ship the token to TD Tavern instead
  6. When USPS marks the token as delivered we send an automated email to the customer letting them know they have 5 business days to contact us with any issues
  7. Once 5 business days from delivery has passed, you will receive a PayPal (Friends & Family) payment for the sale price minus our 10% commission

As a seller you can sell unwanted tokens with minimal effort. When you list your item, you specify both a low price and a high price. The low price is the lowest you are willing to sell your token for, but keep in mind you will receive less than the actual sale price. We offer discounts of up to 11% through our rewards program (although most customers have a rewards discount of 5-6%, and some don't participate in the rewards program). TD Tavern also will keep a 10% commission, in part to cover our PayPal fees. Finally, you will be required to ship the item via USPS (with insurance if you prefer). It is your responsibility to safely get the token to the buyer.

As an example, if you set your low price to $50 for a token and $60 for a high price, we may price your token at $55 based on other competing options. If a customer buys the token for $55 with an 11% customer rewards discount, the actual sale price is $48.95. You would receive a payment of $44.05 after the TD Tavern commission. Conversely, if a brand new buyer or a buyer not participating in the rewards program buys the token, you would receive $49.50 instead.

In order to keep the experience simple for our customers, we only show one consignment item on each product page. If TD Tavern doesn't sell the item then the consignment item will be the only item available. If TD Tavern does sell the item then the lowest-priced consignment item will be added to the TD Tavern options. If a customer adds an item to their cart from a search or browse page, the least expensive item will be added by default (ignoring color, year, or consignment status). This may be a TD Tavern item or it may be a consignment item. If a customer goes into the product page they will see all available options in a table format and will be able to make their own decision on whether or not to purchase the consignment item.

Here is how the pricing algorithm works (which runs every hour):

  1. For each unique token, year, and color option, collect all consignment offerings as well as any TD Tavern offering.
  2. Rank each consignment item based on their low price. If multiple options are tied, the consignment item that was created first is ranked earlier than the one that was created later.
  3. The consignment item or items that were ranked first (priority 1) is priced $0.05 lower than any other low prices, or the TD Tavern offering. However your price will never be lower than your low price.
  4. If there are no competing items, or if all competing items' price ranges are higher than your high price, your item will be priced at your high price. Note that setting your high price too high might guarantee that your item never sells.

You can see the results of the algorithm by viewing your consignment listings and seeing the priority and price for each token.

Finally, the vast majority of our customers (and hopefully our consignment sellers) are awesome people, just like the vast majority of True Dungeon players. However in the unlikely event that there is a problem with a consignment purchase we will following this resolution process:

  • If the seller is unable to ship or provide tracking within 3 business days, TD Tavern will offer the customer a refund or a replacement item and the seller will not receive any funds for the token (token will not be re-added to your consignment inventory).
  • If the tracking number was properly scanned as received by the USPS but the USPS fails to deliver the package within 30 days, the consignment seller will have to send a replacement token. If unable the customer will receive a refund or a different replacement token (sellers should consider purchasing insurance for this situation). Seller does not receive payment for the token if the token is not delivered to the customer.
  • Once the USPS marks the package as delivered, the customer has 5 business days to review the shipment for any issues. If there aren't any issues then no action is required. The seller will receive payment via PayPal with no further action. Once payment is made, the seller can no longer request a replacement or a refund.
  • If the customer contacts us with an issue with the shipment we will work with the buyer and the seller to come up with a resolution that is satisfactory to both parties, specifically:
    • If the package was marked as delivered by the USPS but can't be located by the buyer, the buyer will have to locate the token or make a new purchase. Unfortunately we can't offer refunds in this situation.
    • If the package arrived damaged and the customer can provide photographic evidence of the damaged package or the damaged tokens, then the seller will be required to replace the missing or damaged tokens at their own expense, or the customer will receive a refund.
    • If the customer receives the incorrect token, they will be required to return the incorrect token to the seller at the seller's expense, and the seller will send the correct token at the seller's expense.


If a particular consignment seller has repeat issues with shipping properly and on time and/or delivering incorrect or damaged tokens, or causes other significant issues, TD Tavern has the right to revoke their consignment access at any time.  Likewise, if a particular consignment buyer has repeat issues then they will be asked to avoid purchasing consignment items in the future, or if they continue to do so they will assume all risk going forward.